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8 Creative Date Nights for You and Your Honey

Sep 18, 2013

8 Creative Date Nights for You and Your Honey

There is one thing that I was adamant about when Nate and I got married: We must continue to date. Kind of sounds like a strange thing to say when you get hitched, but this week it will be nine years and two kids later, so I am guessing it worked.

However, after years of marriage and kids, I think date nights can get a little mundane. The key is to plan at least one to two nights out per month. Just don’t expect your partner to read your mind. My husband is not a planner, I am. I have to remind him it is his turn to pick. I try (while not always successfully) to not get frustrated by this. A gentle nudge will do. And who knows, after all is said and done your partner might get more addicted to date night than you are. 

By Marissa Kraxberger

Click through our slideshow above to get creative ideas to spice up your married life one date at a time.

Marissa Kraxberger is the author of Lady & Prince, a lifestyle blog about working in fashion and raising little ones in the city. Follow her daily musings and adventures in NYC and beyond on or on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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