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Craft: Contemporary Kids' Art

Jan 14, 2013

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Gather supplies: yarn, canvas, glue, scissors, and a sponge brush.

Spread glue on canvas with sponge brush and lay down the yarn. Be prepared to get sticky and messy. Have a small bowl of water and paper towels to keep things neat.

Glue yarn until the front of the canvas is covered. Then wrap the yarn around the canvas and glue to the sides and back. Trim the edges of the yarn if necessary.

Enjoy your new piece of art!

Craft: Contemporary Kids' Art

A trip I took to the New Museum on the Lower East Side of New York City was the inspiration behind this craft idea. I was impressed by Rosemarie Trockel's beautiful but simple yarn paintings, and a friend of mine noted that something similar could make an excellent craft project for the kids. I made my yarn painting using black and white yarn; the vibration of the two colors give it an almost hypnotizing effect. A child's version may not be so neat, but when set on a white canvas, can still achieve that stark and modernist aesthetic. This craft is a great way to get children thinking about design! —Sharon Beesley