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Christmas Tree: Getting it Home

Dec 05, 2012

Christmas Tree: Getting it Home

This year I broke tradition. I ordered my Christmas tree online from Tyler's Trees. It took me around a minute to buy and schedule a delivery. That night a beautiful, real Christmas tree was delivered to my apartment. They even brought a stand and a tree skirt!  

While we waited for the delivery, my kids put on Christmas music and arranged a spot for the tree. The anticipation of it's arrival was intense. We guessed what it was going to look like, it's size and it's color. We couldn't wait to meet our tree! As soon as we buzzed Tyler's Tree into the building, my kids cheered and ran to the hallway to greet him at the elevator. As the door opened, my kids' eyes widened. They were speechless. It was humongous. We've never had one this big. This is really our Christmas tree?! 

Once he set it up, Tyler suggested we wait a day to decorate it, but we couldn't resist throwing tons of tinsel at it. I thought the retro decoration was a good choice for a modern-online-Christmas-tree-buying-family like ourselves. Just trying to keep it balanced! 

Since my experience this year was so different from years past, I was curious to find out how everyone was getting their Christmas tree into their house this year.  I learned that some families chop it down themselves, others go to corner lot, and some (gasp!) are going fake. Here are some of my favorite stories:

Helena from the blog The JNR has a tradition of picking a tree on the first day of the Advent (specifically, four Sundays before December 25th). She writes, "It was bitterly cold this year and the supersized tree (it keeps on getting bigger every year!) meant that [my husband] Lee had to transport it back sticking out of the back of a taxi." Her day ended by sitting in the shadow of the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas music, and counting down the days until vacation. See beautiful photos of her experience here.

Jennifer Cooper from Classic Play is in for a big surprise. She writes, "This year we're going from the most artificial tree you can get (white, bright and full of plastic) to a real tree. I'm a little nervous." I hope she doesn't regret it!

Jen Gronick from the blog Experience the Wonderful goes to a tree farm and actually chops down her tree. She writes: "We all got ready, piled into the car for the 45 minute drive. Sang carols along the way and talked about chopping down our tree. I'm so glad that this is something we can continue to do even out here in quebec. Finally made it, jumped on the back of the tractor and we were off. Snow-flurries were dancing around us as we traveled through the fields of pretty christmas trees. Magical. We jumped off the tractor in the fresh snow and hunted down our tree. Two snow angles and a snowball fight later, we found it!" Read more about her experience and how she made it into beautiful scrapbook pages here.

KC Workman Wells from the blog Real Housewife of the Bluegrass isn't ashamed of her fake tree. She writes, "We're a faux-tree family. I don't want the mess or care of a real tree. We have one realistic tree, and one shiny silver tree. :)" Charlie Brown are you reading this?! 

Lacy Stroessner from the blog Living on Love writes, "Chop away! As a kid, we always had a fake one and I LONGED for a trip to the tree farm. When I married Phil he insisted we keep his family's tradition of visiting the farm and chopping down the perfect one!" I think he's a keeper.

Misty Alessi from the blog Happy Go Lovely cracks me up. One of these days she'll figure it out! She writes, "A couple years ago I gave my parents a guilt trip for only taking me to cut down our Christmas tree one time when I was a kid. Every other year we went to the Christmas tree lot down the street from our house to get our real Christmas tree. I felt like it lacked something since our experience didn’t involve blood, sweat, and a hand saw. Now I have my own family complete with a store bought, plastic Christmas tree and I can’t help but feel like a scrooge. There is always next year!"

Jill-Marie Vaughn from the blog Terra Savvy has the best childhood memory of getting a tree. She writes, "The tradition of hunting for our Christmas tree each year originated with my father.  He would scout out a random wooded area beforehand.  When the time was right, we would load up into our car, tools in hand and go tree hunting.  It was thrilling and always ended up as a side splitting hilarious event.  Me yelling "TIMBER!" and staying out of the way while it fell. Were we stealing the tree?  Not really.  It was most likely a friend of a friend who owned the property but we never quite knew where legit started and thievery began." It's astonishing that I found out as an adult, Jill-Marie owns SIX fake trees. Hilarious. Read more about her decision to finally get a real one here. 

What will be your Christmas Tree story this year? Fake, real, chopped or no tree at all? I would love to find out!  —Sharon Beesley