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Is Boring Sex Ruining Your Marriage?

Dec 09, 2013

Is Boring Sex Ruining Your Marriage?

This article was originally published on Your Tango.

Differences in sex drives, a low libido or bedroom boredom aren't just bummers... they can threaten your marriage! We asked relationship experts Dr. Michael Aaron, Melissa Fritchle and Dr. Sally Valentine how to get your love life back on track.

Says Fritchle, "The number one issue damaging people's ability to keep their sex life vital and exciting is not actually boredom or that they are missing a particular trick in the bedroom; it is that they have allowed their life schedule to squeeze out any time for sexual connection. Often, troubled clients give a blank stare or laugh when asked to describe when they enable themselves to have free time throughout the week to have time alone together."

Aaron continues: "The first few months of a promising relationship are always exciting, but inevitably even the best relationships start to slow down as they mature and start to feel like they are falling into a rut. You become habituated to the other person, no matter how interesting or sexy they are, and both of you start to give up to the grind of a daily routine."

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By Dr. Michael Aaron, Melissa Fritchle, and Dr. Sally Valentine

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