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A Butt-Blasting 15-Minute Boot Camp Routine You Can Do At Home

Aug 14, 2013

A Butt-Blasting 15-Minute Boot Camp Routine You Can Do At Home

We all know boot camp exercises are the most effective and efficient ways to achieve results (read: burn tons of calories and flatten that tummy). The co-owners of Chicago's popular Shred415 have created a boot camp style workout you can do on your own time, in your own home.

This Shred415-style workout is full of functional movement and does not require any equipment. These interval exercises will get your heart rate up at different times, allowing your body to burn calories all day long--it is definitely a sweat-infused workout! Follow the movements to get definition as you strengthen all your muscle groups, plus, the cardio bursts throughout will generate leaner muscle.

Grab a stop-watch or your iPhone and do each boot camp exercise for one minute:

1. Jog in place.

2. Side lunge right, side lunge left.

3. Squat jumps (squat down, jump up, raising feet towards your glutes). 

4. Squat cross punch (squat down, come up and punch, repeat with opposite side).

5. Lunge down and up right leg  (backwards lunge, then raise knee upon standing).

6. Lunge down and up left leg (same, opposite side).

7. Lunge jumps: Lunge forward with your right leg, then jump to change to a left leg forward lunge, repeat for 1 minute.

8. Plank: Hold your body in a forearm plank, abs pulled in, hips square, for one minute, if you need to take a break come to your knees for a few seconds and then pop back up to a plank.

9. Push ups: Push ups for one minute, start on your toes and come down to your knees for a modified push up if needed.

10. Burpee (begin standing, jump down into a plank on your hands, add a push up and then hop feet back to hands and hop up to standing).

11. Bicycles (lay on your back, take left elbow to right knee, then switch). 

12. Reverse crunch (lie on your back with your legs up and hands under your seat, raise your feet towards the ceiling using your lower abs, repeat for 1 minute.

13. Swimming (lie flat on your stomach with arms extended in front of you, raise arms and legs and move up and down in small movements).

14. Full sit-up, double punch (complete a full sit up and punch right, left at the top, lower all the way down to your back and repeat).

15. Cross opposite elbow to knee, then switch sides (lift knee, bring opposite elbow to touch, repeat on opposite side). 

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