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The Best TV Shows to Binge-Watch This Weekend

Oct 24, 2013

The Best TV Shows to Binge-Watch This Weekend

If you subscribe to an online streaming service like HBO GO or Netflix, the following scenario might sound familiar. You sit down to watch one quick episode of [insert your favorite television show here] and before you know it you're a whole season deep...and you forgot to eat dinner. You've officially succumbed to "binge-watching," the latest fad in online television. 

Watching TV in real time is so last year. "The success of the Netflix model--releasing the entire season of House of Cards at once--proved one thing: the audience wants the control. They want the freedom. If they want to binge like they've been doing on House of Cards and lots of other shows, we should let them binge." said HOC star Kevin Spacey of the new phenomenon.

More and more viewers are opting to watch entire series in one go. If you're interested in jumping on the bandwagon this weekend, clear your calendar, give your DVR a break and snuggle in for a marathon of our picks for the top 10 most binge-worthy shows on the internet.

Click through the slideshows above and then let us know your favorites in the comments below. 

By Caroline Hallemann

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