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Our Guide to the Best Cheap Champagne That Will Leave You Blissfully Hangover-Free

Nov 29, 2013

Our Guide to the Best Cheap Champagne That Will Leave You Blissfully Hangover-Free

Champagne holds court as the king of sparkling wines. It's the drink that symbolizes celebration; the bubbles that scream party time. Dom Perignon and Moet and Chandon are beautiful options...when you're not paying the bill. There must be options that aren't budget busters--so what is the best cheap champagne?

Sparkling wine is the answer. In reality, the bubbles you find yourself drinking at a party or an event aren't actually Champagne, which is a name designated for the sparkling wine made only from grapes from the French region of the same name. Chances are, you're drinking Champagne's sibings--Prosecco, Cava, Sekt--to name just a few. Plenty of countries outside of France are producing fabulous sparkling wines at a good price; they're just not Champagne with a capital "C."

Before you head to your local wine store on your way to one of many holiday parties, make sure you're armed with some essential information. After all, you don't want to end up with a massive hangover by getting mixed up with the wrong stuff. Nor do you want to overwhelm your credit card (or piss off your partner) by going spend-crazy on a case of Moet.

With a little basic knowledge and minimal effort (and spending), you too, can graduate from sparkling wine novice to, well, if not aficionado, then at least educated wine drinker. Click through the slideshow above for our sparkling wine recommendations from a variety of regions from California to Italy--all for well under $100.

Still not convinced that sparkling wine is where it's at? Check out the video below for a more thorough understanding of the varying sparkling wines available for your consumption.

By Stacey Gawronski

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