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Making a DIY Scarf for Kids is Easy With This Clever Trick

Nov 25, 2013

Making a DIY Scarf for Kids is Easy With This Clever Trick

A few years ago we had a moth problem in our apartment that left some of my favorite cashmere sweaters with holes that were too big to repair. Bereft and grieving, I couldn't bear to throw them away--they were so luxurious. And so dang expensive! While pregnant with my daughter I stashed them in our basement, thinking I'd have some brilliant idea of how to repurpose them sometime in the future.

Fast forward to last winter, on a bitterly cold day. My daughter, then a bit over a year old, was ready to go outside and play but I knew a turtleneck wasn't going to cut it. Lightbulb flash! I could make her a DIY scarf from one of the sleeves of my beloved sweaters--soft and cozy, and so utterly crafty. By doing little more then snipping off the sleeve at the shoulder and making two strategic snips about a quarter of the way up the sleeve from the cuff to serve as a pull-through hole, she had a sweet little cashmere scarf in no time.

Her scarf got so many mom comments at the playground that I wound up making them as gifts for all her babe friends with winter birthdays. Best news ever: I just pulled it out of storage, and it still fits even though she's a whole lot bigger. My next craft project is to make myself some hand-warmers for the stroller. It's a good thing we have a LOT of holey sweaters. I think all my mom friends are going to want them, too. 

By Biba Milioto

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