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The Art of Gift Wrap

Dec 03, 2012

Click through for slideshow. 

10. Flex / Zen by Eieio. Click here to find retailers selling 19.25" x 27" sheets.  

2. Pine Branch on Slate from Paper Source. $2.50 for 19.5" x 27" sheet 

3. Gold Snowflakes from Kates Paperie. $4.00 for a 19.75 x 27.75 sheet

4. Pop Ink Gift Wrap from French Paper Co. $3.25 for two 19.5" x 27" sheets

5. Robin Print Wrapping Paper from DaWanda. €2.50 for a 50 x 70cm sheet

6. Gift Wrap Sheet by Charles Kahti from Kates Paperie. $60.00 for a 36" x 53.5" sheet

7. Speedway from Wrapped. $7.99 for two sheets 23" by 25" each. 

8. Gift Wrap Sheet by Charles Lahti, Milo from Kates Paperie. $18.00 for a 26" x 40" sheet.

9. Marimekko Pienet Kivet Black and White Gift Wrap from Crate & Barrel.  $3.95 for a 30" x 72" sheet.  

10. Kaleidoescope by Eieio. Click here to find retailers selling 19.25" x 27" sheets.  

The Art of Gift Wrap

Add a sophisticated flair to your holiday packages this year with bold designer gift wrap. All the wrapping paper in this roundup revolves around the unlikely holiday color of black. We were surprised to find so many options! Simply wrap with a green, red, white or blue ribbon to complete the package. —Sharon Beesley