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3 Secret SPF-Infused Beauty Products

Apr 10, 2014
Winter Beauty Products You Have to Buy

3 Secret SPF-Infused Beauty Products

This article originally appeared on Lifestyle Mirror.

For years there's been an emphasis on making sunscreen a part of your daily life—not just when you hit the beach. But the white lotion is sticky, thick and doesn't blend well. Who wants to apply that under their makeup daily? Our foundation would never approve. Instead we've got a few ways for you to add SPF to your routine without the sunblock.  

SPF-Infused Moisturizer
With an abundance of products, it's confusing to know which should be applied first. The general rule is to apply skincare products from the thinnest to thickest. However, sunscreen is the one exception because it's based on whether its a physical or chemical sunscreen. The easiest way to avoid a mistake—apply a moisturizer with SPF built in. The best formulas are still light and blend well into the skin. They just happen to also add protection. 

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By Shannon Farrell

You'll want to keep your sun-protected skin well moisturized, too. Click on the slideshow above to find the best moisturizing products. 

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